Double Quilt

Double Quilt

Great Quality Double Quilt Size at Furniturre to Keep Yourself Warm

You can now get your double quilt size at your home without stepping out of your home. You can select the design and the exact size you need, and Furniturre will deliver you the right product at the right place. So, go through the designs of the quilts at Furniturre and add your favorite to your cart to stay comfy throughout the winters.


The double quilt sizes are available in the king, queen, super king, and super queen sizes. You should buy a quilt size that is a bit larger than the size of your mattress, so there is no space left for air to enter inside and make you uncomfortable. The double quilt size keeps you warm and relaxed throughout the night because of the various material fillings. You can choose from cotton, polyester, bamboo fiber, wool, and down feathers for your quilts.  The different materials provide varying warmth. You should choose a material according to the heat it provides and the durability of the material. You can buy the quilts from our store with quality stitching. The needlework provides a leak-proof set of the double-size quilt where the filling can remain inside without any leakage or deforming. We have quilts with baffle box designs and other embroidered designs that make your quilts look decent and keep the filling material in place. You can also get the matching pillowcases with the double-size quilts from Furniturre. There is a variety of fabric materials used for the covering. You can get waterproof microfiber which protects the quilt from stains. You can also get cotton, polyester, silk, and other breathable fabrics for comfort. Get your double quilt size set from Furniturre in a vacuum-packed parcel, so you get the product in a safe condition at your home.