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When searching for the right ergonomic office chairs it is of utmost importance to find recliner chairs that suit the consumer. Not that every chairs labeled "ergonomic" has all the requisite modification features to make it truly ergonomic. You can surely get the best quality chairs at Furniturre, see how you should be choosing while looking to buy for your self and how we help get you the best one! Want to find the perfect ergonomic office massage chairs? Using our Ergonomic chairs Selection Tool and respond with customized suggestions from one of our fit experts. We enjoy helping people find what works exactly for their needs, and we usually respond 24/7!

Seat Height Adjustment:

For maximum versatility, the seat height range must include heights that are slightly lower as well as marginally larger than your ideal environment. Sitting heights from 15-22" "can fit users from 5'0 "tall to 6'4" tall to give you an idea of where your maximum length should be in comparison to how tall you are. To find the best height for you, you can use our adjustable office desk, arm chairs, and keyboard height calculator. Few ergonomic chairs give the wide seat height range, so be vigilant about the seated height level of any arm chairs you consider. Many ergonomic office chairs give a choice of size cylinders, so the arm chairs can be customized for the person with the correct height range. The seat should have tubular adjustable height so that the seat pan height can be easily adjusted when you sit on the arm chairs. Modifying the office massage chairs to the proper seated height helps reduce knee and lumbar tension. You should change your seat so that your knees are slightly lower than your hips and your thighs are almost parallel to the ground.

Seat Pan Size:

The seat pan should be thick enough to accommodate much of your upper leg, but not so deep that when you sit back in your massage chairs, it will touch your knees backward. The seat width should be at least 1 "wider than your hips. It should not, on the other hand, be so large that the user can't rest his or her arms on the armrests without extending them to the left. Note for larger people, since this is a safety factor, weight capacity is not a reasonable metric when selecting a massage chair. The size of the seat and the weight capacity both must be sufficient for the person. The seat should fit in with your body.

Seat Pan Depth Adjustment:

The seat pan of a desk massage chair is properly positioned when it allows for two to four fingers to fit between the back of your knee and the front of the seat. A proper seat depth setting allows the user to sit all the way back so the user can position the curve of the seat to meet their curves when sitting back and utilize the lumbar curve of the recliner chairs back. Always there are different ways to seat depth adjustment that can be done. A seat slider is a lever on the seat that allows you to slide the seat in and out while seated in the massage chairs. A back depth adjuster is usually a knob on the chairs back that moves the back in and out rather than the seat. This type of adjustment is harder to adjust while seated, may require a helper, and is better suited for a one-user recliner chair. A desk chair's seat pan is placed in position as it allows two to four fingers to pass between both the back of your knee and the front of your seat. A proper setting of the seat depth enables the customers to sit all of the ways back so that the user can adjust the seat curves to follow its curves while sitting back and use the chair's lumbar curve.

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