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Chest 40x40x40 cm Solid Acacia Wood


Chest 90x40x45 cm Solid Mango Wood


Reclaimed Storage Chest Solid Wood


Storage Box 90x45x45 cm Solid Oak Wood


Storage Box Mindi Wood 40x40x40 cm Dice Design


Storage Chest 60x25x22 cm Solid Acacia Wood


Storage Chest Concrete Grey 84x42x46 cm Chipboard


Storage Chest Grey 84x42x46 cm Chipboard


Storage Chest High Gloss Grey 84x42x46 cm Chipboard


Storage Chest Mexican Pine Corona Range 91×49.5×47 cm


Storage Chest Red Mango Wood 80x40x45 cm


Storage Chest Rough Mango Wood


Storage Chest Set 2 Pieces Rough Mango Wood


Storage Chest Solid Acacia Wood


Storage Chest Solid Acacia Wood


Storage Chest Solid Mango Wood Blue 100x40x41 cm


Storage Chest Solid Reclaimed Wood


Storage Chest Solid Rough Mango Wood


Storage Chest Solid Wood Vintage Style 120x30x40 cm


Storage Chest White and Sonoma Oak 84x42x46 cm Chipboard


Buy Wooden Storage Chests For Your Home

Storage chests and storage boxes are like the small cupboard made up of wooden cartons or cardboard boxes used to store several kinds of items. People who hire rental store units consist of these storage boxes to keep their valuable things safely inside them.

Plus, if you want symmetrical arrangements for your items, you can use storage boxes. You can keep kitchen accessories, clothing stuff, etc., in case of bulk storage; you can also number the containers and make index items in each box.

You are free to buy any design to storage chests from our site Furniturre and avail of the Afterpay payments.

Qualities to Look For

Such boxes are highly cost-effective. You can store the maximum number of items possible within the available space within it. Such chests for storing various items can be very decorative as they are intended for permanent use, and sometimes you can also put them on display in specific locations. You can also keep your jewellery in it.

Before, wooden boxes were in simple designs and limited colours; as time passes, you can find a range of storage chests in different formats and decorative patterns. You can also use it as a décor element in your bedroom or living area. They serve as both decorative and for utility purposes. And nowadays these wooden storage chests have become versatile.

Why to Buy from our Quality Store? 

You can buy from our store Furniturre and get the chests according to your needs. Our store has wooden boxes that can carry heavy loads than cardboard boxes made up of paper. And they are excellent in condition and can last for a more extended period. And if you choose our site, we give the opportunity of Afterpay payment method from which you are free to pay in instalments too if you wish.