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Artiss Tallboy 6 Drawers Storage Cabinet – Walnut

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$446.99 $160.99

Artiss Chest of Drawers Tallboy Dresser Storage Cabinet Industrial Rustic

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$414.99 $149.99

Artiss Tallboy Dresser Table 6 Chest of Drawers Cabinet Bedroom Storage White

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$446.99 $160.99

Artiss Tallboy 4 Drawers Storage Cabinet – White

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$352.99 $126.99

Tallboy Chest of Drawer Oak

$727.99 $261.99

Chest of Drawers 80x35x75 cm Solid Oak Wood

$780.99 $280.99

5 Chest Of Drawers Tallboy In White Oak

$691.99 $248.99

Artiss 3 Basket Storage Drawers – White

Free Shipping

$248.99 $89.99

Artiss 6 Chest of Drawers Tallboy Dresser Table Storage Cabinet Oak Bedroom

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$397.99 $142.99

Artiss 6 Chest of Drawers Cabinet Dresser Table Tallboy Lowboy Storage Wood

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$349.99 $125.99

Tallboy Dresser 6 Chest of Drawers Cabinet 85 x 39.5 x 105 – Black

$775.99 $208.99

Alice Tallboy Wenge

$980.99 $352.99

Mascot Oak Colour Tallboy

$612.99 $244.99

Alice Tallboy Wenge

$722.99 $288.99

Nowra 4 Drawer Tallboy

$1,345.99 $537.99

Nowra 4 Drawer Tallboy

$1,345.99 $537.99

Seashore 5 Drawer Tallboy

$1,571.99 $628.99

Tallboy Chest of Drawers 45x32x115 cm Solid Oak Wood

$953.99 $342.99

Tall Chest of Drawers Chipboard 41x35x106 cm Oak

$401.99 $144.99

Tall Chest of Drawers Chipboard 41x35x106 cm White

$401.99 $144.99

Choose the Best Chest Drawers at Furniturre

A drawer chest is an excellent piece of equipment for your room. It gives you a place to store your apparel and shoes, as well as a platform for placing stuff on. With so many various colors and sizes, telling which chest of drawers would be best for your room can be difficult.

This guide will give you some simple advice on what to think when purchasing a drawer chest.

Things to consider

1. What size do I need?

When you settle on your drawer chest model you need to know what it’s going to be used to. The greatest part you can do is to make a list of what you want to place in it, so you can see how much space you need. For eg, if you want to store those thick Christmas jumpers anywhere, you’ll need a deep and large chest of drawers, while if you want to store tiny socks, you might want to store them in smaller, lightweight cabinets.

2. Assembly

Most drawer chests are simple to install and come packaged in flat, making them easy to store before you’re ready to fill your bedroom again. Any furniture comes pre-assembled however and is available for final use.

What types of chest of drawers are there?

The “Tall Boy”

One of the most common drawer chests, as it provides plenty of storage for limited floor space. The tall boy is a drawer’s chest which stood strong off the ground like his name. The concept behind this collection of cabinets is to provide as much storage as possible, so typically they come with 4 + chest of drawers. Tall drawer chests will provide the ideal platform if you want to watch television in bed.

With mirror

Some drawer chests come in with a convenient vanity cover. The top of the chest of drawers’ chest encases a mirror on the lid’s face underneath. This is perfect for personal grooming and will add a nice bit of versatility to your drawer chest.

The 2 over 3 is composed of 2 smaller cabinets in the top row, and 3 larger chest of drawers below. This allows plenty of storage space while having two small accessory cabinets. This is suitable for keeping, for example, the undergarments apart.

A slightly bigger variant of the 2 Over 3 is the 4 over 3. With its 3 wide bottom chest of drawers, this makes plenty of storage space and plenty of room for separating accessories in its smaller top 4 cabinets. This type of chest of drawers is very common in family bedrooms.

This is a low drawer chest that offers more than enough space in its large deep cabinets, as well as plenty of surface on top of the chest. This chest of drawers can be used to create a vanity device, in conjunction with a mirror.

Styles and colors

Whatever you like and, there is a wide range of styles and colors in your bedroom that will look fantastic.


The first thing that should be considered when buying your drawer chest is the material used in its design. Although MDF and engineered wood can provide a perfectly decent, robust construction in a variety of beautiful finishes, you may want to spend a little more in solid w furniture.

Due to its rich color and intensity, oak is a very common choice when it comes to bedroom furniture. If you don’t like oak, consider pine with a smoother, natural-looking finish that looks beautiful. If you want something totally different and special, look at mirrored glass drawer chests. This finish in your bedroom will establish a trendy feature while adding a touch of beauty.

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