Double Bed Frames


Get your Double Bed frame from Furniturre

A bed is a piece of furniture that cannot be replaced soon so it has to be long-lasting and durable to hold the weight and provide you a comfortable sleep for years to come. The comfortability is provided by the mattress but the durability is ensired by the bed frame. So, if you are looking for a double bed frame, we have them at Furniturre that you can purchase according to your requirements.


The double bed base is the frame on which the mattress is spread so you can have an even and protected space to sleep. From all the various sizes of bed frames available at our store, you have to choose the exact size by keeping in mind your room and mattress size so that it fits perfectly. We have king and queen sizes in a double bed base. There are various types of double bed frames like wooden and metallic.  We only have high quality double bed frames that have an extensive lifetime so they stay with you forever. Consider the installation type so you can assemble it easily without any professional guidance. A double bed frame with simple assembling is easy to move if you are trying to renovate the interior of your house. 


We have various types of bed frames. You can buy simple metallic and wooden frames, cushioned frames and gas lift bed frames. The gas lift bed frames are ideal because of providing more storage capacity. They are designed to lift upwards to create an ample space inside where you can place anything that you want and it stays hidden. You can buy various designs of double bed frames from our store so you can furnish your home and have a long lasting sleeping partner.