Shower Screens & Bases

Shower Screens & Bases

Buy The best Quality of Shower Screens from Furniturre

A shower screen are made up of glass.  They are much better than the curtains because they will stop the water going everywhere to your bathroom and make it wet all around. These shower screens come in various sizes so you have a vast option to decide the size you actually want for your bathroom. 


Glass shower screens are long lasting, versatile, low maintenance and come in various shapes so that you can choose accordingly. Although the bathroom curtains also act in preventing the water splashes all around but the bath screens do it in a more sophisticated and in a well-mannered way. Bath screens are cost-effective and it makes your bathroom more designable and stylish. They are very smooth and glassy in appearance and they are very easy to install, giving your bathroom the perfect look and feel.  There are some varieties, which are Walk-in Tempered Glass , Shower Door Tempered Glass, Semi Frameless Screen and etc. we are also providing shower base tray which is rectangular shaped and it helps in water leakage. These trays are designed in such a way that manipulates the direction of water going. Why to prefer Furniturre? You can purchase any of the glass shower screens for Furniturre at the most reasonable and affordable price. Once you have finalized your product we will deliver it to your doorstep as quickie as we can. So rather than shopping from store to store visit our website once and we guarantee that you will be shopping from us. You can avail the pay now later service from the after pay payment method which enables the customers to pay in installments.