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2 x Gentleman’s Valet


Adjustable Clothes Rack 4 Castors 2 Hanging Rails


Artiss Bamboo Clothes Rack Coat Stand Garment Hanger Wardrobe Portable Airer

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Clothes Rack 125×150 cm Solid Oak Wood


Clothes Rack 125×175 cm Solid Oak Wood


Clothes Rack Steel and Non-woven Fabric 55×28.5×175 cm Black


Clothes Rack Steel and Non-woven Fabric 87x44x158 cm Black


Clothing Rack Black Steel


Clothing Rack White Steel


Ladies bust black white


Ladies bust white


Levede Clothes Stand Garment Dyring Rack Hanger Organiser Wooden Free Standing

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Levede Clothes Stand Garment Dyring Rack Hanger Organiser Wooden Rail Portable

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Valet Stand Coat Shirt Organiser Metal Frame


300LBS Heavy Duty Clothing Garment Rail Rack Hanger


6FT Double Metal Garment Display Rail – Black

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6FT Metal Garment Display Rail – Black

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Adjustable Clothes Rack Stainless Steel 165x44x150 cm Silver


Adjustable Clothes Rack with 2 Hanging Rails 2 pcs


Artiss Bamboo Clothes Dry Rack Folable Towel Hanger Laundry Drying

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Hang your Clothes on Cloth Hangers from Furniturre

Without changing your clothes, you can make them look weary and wrinkled, and they do not stay ready to wear unless you iron them, which is not easy. Clothes enhance your appearance, and you should not risk wearing wrinkled and unappealing clothes anywhere that might leave a bad impression. So, we have cloth hangers at Furniturre that will help you keep your clothes organized and tidy forever. 


There are various types of cloth hangers at our store. In terms of the material, you can buy wooden hangers, plastic hangers, velvet hangers, and irons. The velvet hangers are better because they are soft for your cloth,and your clothes will not slip down from them. We have standing cloth hangers that can be placed anywhere in your wardrobe or bedroom and provide you with cloth storage.

You can buy hangers with small hooks in the body where you can hang several clothes, or there are standing cloth hangers with a rod where you can hang your clothes with portable hangers. We also have coat hangers for maintaining the shape of clothes. The cloth hangers are designed as the shape of the human body, and they provide perfect fitting to the coats, jackets, and other outfits, so they do not lose their shape. 

Why shop from Furniturre?

You should place your order at Furniturre because of the wide variety you obtain, and we deal only in the high-quality products, so the customers remember us in their excellent books. You can read the description below every cloth hanger so you can judge the durability, size, and storage capacity of the hangers, which makes it easier to shop, so hurry and add your product to your cart.